Hi, we’re Re–Think. We do data-driven analysis and communication.

We are analysts who love data and know how to use it to find the stories that help you communicate. We have extensive experience in handling large datasets and our background in policy analysis has given us a thorough understanding of a broad range of issues.

How we work

It all starts with your challenge. Our tool is data-driven analysis but our mission is to help you solve your problem, whether it is to better understand an issue or to find the arguments and stories that help you communicate your message.

Once the challenge is clear we choose data and methods. The data can be official databases, open data from different sources or data generated in social media. Our methods are statistical analysis, modelling and simulation. What you get from us is not diagrams and tables but relevant stories you can use directly to solve your challenge.

Petter Odmark

+ 46 70 895 26 95

Ulrika Vedin

+46 72 396 61 68